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Academic Buddy Programme


23 September 2020
18:00 - 20:00

Meet Your Academic Buddy Event – SEM I (2020-2021)

During the Meet your Academic Buddy Event it is time to finally meet your Academic Buddy, follow a workshop on Intercultural Communication & have time to get know each other during the potluck dinner. So make sure you will be there!

Being Academic Buddies is fun, useful and instructive. In short: a valuable experience! You can learn from each other in many different ways and what could be more fun than getting to know each other ánd learning something new together with your Academic Buddy? Therefore, besides meeting your buddy we will organise a short Workshop on Intercultural Communication for Academic Buddies!

And that’s not all: since the event is around dinner time (for some of us!) we would like to combine this event with an (intercultural) potluck dinner and ask you to bring a small dish for about 4 people. If you like you can bring a dish that is from your own country! We will make sure there are plates, cutlery, cups and water/lemonade and will try to arrange a corona proof dinner. If you like to have something else to drink, please bring your own. This second part of the programme is with reservations due to the Covid-19 measures.

Since the Academic Buddy Programme cooperates with BuddyGoDutch, after this event together with your buddy you can join an activity organised by BuddyGoDutch.

In short:

What:         Meet your Academic Buddy (incl. workshop Intercultural Communication & potluck dinner)
Date:           Wednesday, 23 September 2020
18:00 – 20:00 h
Location:    tba
BuddyGoDutch activity (optional):   tba

Note that this event is one of the two obligatory events as part of the Academic Buddy Programme. So we expect you to be there. 

See you on 23 September 2020!