Academic Buddy Programme

Being a Language Assistant

If you join the Academic Buddy Programme you will be an Academic Buddy to someone else from a different country and university, with possibly different (academic) traditions, habits and experiences.

If this is not enough and you would like to take on an extra academic challenge by helping others improving their language skills? You also have the choice to expand your Buddy programme by becoming a Language Assistant.

As Language Assistant you can help non-native speakers in writing and speaking in your mothertongue(s). This language assistance can be used for papers, portfolios, assignments or presentations as part of a course. Sometimes Language Assistants are also asked by teachers to assist in their classes. Of course this is optional and you can choose how many students and how often you would like to help.

Being a Language Assistant is a great chance to:

  • Learn how to teach/explain your language to others;
  • Participate in a different academic activity other than studying;
  • Help others and share your knowledge;
  • To learn about the cultural/linguistic backgrounds of others.

You can even earn EC and receive a recommendation letter for your work as a Language Assistant.
Requirements EC & recommendation letter

Of course we do not expect you to be an expert in didactics and giving peer feedback right away. Therefore, the programme has available examples of corrections symbols and an overview of the steps in giving feedback. As well the programme offers you two workshops on how to give peer feedback. These workshops are also a great chance to get into contact and share experiences with other Language Assistants.

Upcoming workshops

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Of course, you can also ask for help yourself with writing and speaking in another language you would like to improve!
Or are you not going to study abroad, but you would still like help with university course work (written/oral) in French, German, Spanish, English, Italian or Dutch?

Asking for peer feedback by native speakers is possible throughout the whole academic year. 
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