Academic Buddy Programme

What is Peerfeedback?


Feedback refers to the comments, questions, and suggestions a reader gives to a writer, which aims at helpin the writer to produce reader-friendly rather than writer-oriented writing (Flower, 1989).

Peer feedback is feedback given by a peer

A peer = a person of same age, status, or ability as another specified person. In this programme: academic peers.

The aim is to provide feedback in a collaborative low-risk environment.

Learner takes on a more active role in the revision process, rather than passively waiting for the teacher’s guidance or corrections – importantce of face to face meeting.

Peer feedback is beneficial to students in both short and long terms, and is a collaborative activity involving students’ reading, critiquing and providing feedback to each other’s writing to develop stronger writing competence by means of mutual scaffolding in the long run (Tsui & Ng, 2000; Zhu, 2001).