Academic Buddy Programme

Support & training

Will I receive support and training?

If you have been selected for the Language Assistant programme, it is because you are a native speaker of a language that is taught in our university. However, we know that you have not necessarily been trained to teach your own language. The good news is that you don’t need to!

The feedback is from student to student. But in order to support you adequately in this task, we offer workshops/trainings in which you will be taught the essential do’s and don’ts, how to work efficiently and find the right balance between structure and flexibility in your approach. The training will focus on promoting your positive and constructive feedback skills. There are 2 workshops per semester: one at the beginning and the other towards the end.

To validate the internship you will have to prove that you participated. The workshops are always offered in the early evening at University College Utrecht (UCU) or Utrecht University (UU) and never last more than 1,5 hour. You do not have to prepare anything, and you will not be evaluated. You just have to show your good will and we expect an active participation. Usually, there are some drinks and nibbles and it gives you the opportunity to exchange with fellow Language Assistants of other languages.

Support & training Language Assistants:

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