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I need a Language Assistant

Asking for help from a Language Assistant: what does it mean and who can do so?

Who can make use of a Language Assistant?

All students (international or local) from the faculties of Humanities, Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law, Economics and Governance can make use of the help that Language Assistants provide. You can do so as part of the Academic Buddy Programme or without participating in the programme.

How does help from a Language Assistant work?

These so-called Language Assistant are native speakers who can give you peer feedback in your written and oral comprehension in regards to the language(s) you require help with. These Language Assistants are (international exchange/degree or Dutch) students studying at Utrecht University. Their language assistance can be used for papers, portfolios, assignments or presentations as part of a course, as well as for your bachelor or master thesis.

Languages that are almost always available include Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Where can I find a Language Assistant?

Are you already an Academic Buddy and are you interested in receiving help to improve your language skills? Or you did not sign up for the Academic Buddy Programme but would still like help with your language skills?
You can look for a Language Assistant in the Language Assistant database. This database is accessible during the entire academic year.

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