Academic Buddy Programme

Being an Academic Buddy

What does it mean to be an Academic Buddy?

If you join the Academic Buddy Programme, you will be an Academic Buddy to a student from a different country and university, with possibly different (academic) traditions, habits and experiences.

Being an Academic Buddy gives you the chance to:

  • Share your cultural and linguistic knowledge about your home university and country.
  • Help your buddy feel at home in the Netherlands and at Utrecht University or prepare your buddy for their study abroad.
  • Join workshops and activities focused on developing your intercultural communication and competences (one of which is obligatory: Meet your Academic Buddy Event – check the agenda for upcoming events).
  • Join social activities organized by BuddyGoDutch.

Would you also like to offer or accept help in improving written and oral comprehension in a certain language? Become or find a Language Assistant.

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