Academic Buddy Programme


Academic Buddy Programme & BuddyGoDutch

The Academic Buddy Programme cooperates with the student organization BuddyGoDutch. BuddyGoDutch will make sure
that besides the academic parts of the programme, there are also social activities where you and your buddy can go to.
All Academic Buddies will be able to join all the activities organised by BuddyGoDutch.

Since BuddyGoDutch also provides a personal buddy programme for Dutch students and international students from all over the globe, you will also have the chance to meet even more people!

Once you are matched you can attend their two weekly events together with your buddy. Here you will meet other students both international and Dutch. It is the perfect environment to discuss culture, politics, traditions, all the while practicing languages and customs that might be very foreign to you! BuddyGoDutch organizes activities ranging from pub-crawls and ice-skating to dinners and parties.

If you want to know more about the BuddyGoDutch activities go to the activities page, or visit the BuddyGoDutch Facebook page.
BuddyGoDutch activities

The Meet your Academic Buddy Event will also be organized in cooperation with BuddyGoDutch.
Agenda events