Academic Buddy Programme

Requirements EC or letter of recommendation

Requirements to receive EC for the Language Assistant:

It is possible to receive EC for your work as a Language Assistant. Note that it is only possible to receive EC when it regards peer feedback given on  written/oral work that is part of/connected to a course (at university or elsewhere) and is possible in the following languages: French, German, Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian.
Besides this main requirement, the requirements are as follows:

  1. You register the appointments with the students in a logbook.
  2. One meeting represents three hours in total (including preparation, written and oral feedback…). You receive 1 ECTS for 28 hours, which is equivalent to 7 feedback sessions (see conversion table)
  3. You attend the training sessions/workshops.
  4. You write a reflection report in English (French is also possible).

It should at least contain the following elements = about 5 pages double-spaced (+ title page, annexes & logbook):

  1. A title page stating the university you come from, the department (Utrecht University and/or University College Utrecht) within which you have given feedback, your name, student number       and the time period during which you gave feedback.
  2. A Table of contents
  3. Introduction/Presentation. You state facts: the period during which you worked, the number of students you have helped, who you are, why you decided to participate in the programme, what you expected from it, etc…
  4. Development. For ex. (You have a big degree of freedom according to your experience…)
    – A selection of the language problems encountered (in writing or orally) and the method you chose to address them. You can illustrate with excerpts of the corrected texts you sent back to the students digitally.
    – A short explanation/assessment of your style of giving feedback and               whether you feel it was efficient and which improvements or changes you            have already made – or you would make if you had to give feedback again. Recommendations for future language assistants etc…
    – Your students’ progress – or lack of progess – according to you + what can explain this: on your side as well as theirs.
  5. Conclusion: what have you learned or improved yourself during this process:
    – improvement of your own knowledge, a new relation to your own language, a feeling of empowerment, self-confidence, a development of your communicative skills, social skills, intercultural skills, etc…
    – in how far has your participation in the programme enriched your stay in Utrecht, academically, humanly, socially, etc… Give examples and anecdotes.
  6. In Annex: at least 3/4 copies of students’ texts with your corrections.+ your logbook

The programme manager grades the reflection report. Based on its length and depth of self-reflection it generally is granted a level 2 internship (level 3 = a much more in depth analysis + academic research dimension). To determine the grade for the internship the manager may also consult the students you helped.

Requirements to receive a letter of recommendation/certificate:

  1. Register your appointments with the students in a logbook
  2. You attend the training sessions
  3. Hand in a (short) reflection report. In this report you reflect on your preparation of the feedback sessions and their usefulness (for the students and for yourself), what your participation in the project has meant for your own personal, academic, social development etc…See description above (requirements EC)- this reflection report can be slightly shorter